The Hazelnut Marketing Board has concluded its annual Subjective Yield Survey, and the numbers look promising for the 2020 harvest. According to the survey, the harvest projects to be approximately 59,000 tons, which would be a record yield for Oregon’s hazelnut growers.

The Hazelnut Marketing Board stresses that the Subjective Yield Survey is only a guesstimate and not an exact science. The results of the annual survey should be viewed as an approximation, not a guarantee.

The Subjective Yield Survey was distributed in mid-July to hazelnut farmers. The survey called on growers to provide a projection on what the expected yield will be based on how hazelnut trees were faring at the time of the survey. Approximately 800 survey cards were sent to nut growers, and 204 were returned and qualified for the survey.

The following were the cumulative results for the 2020 projections:

  • 0-4 Year Old Trees: 5,339 acres, 1,363,398 pounds, 255 lbs/acre
  • 5-10 Year Old Trees: 7,773 acres, 12,389,315 pounds, 1,593 lbs/acre
  • 11+ Year Old Trees: 6,319 acres, 16,552,518 pounds, 2,619 lbs/acre

The collected data was then cross-referenced with field mapping statistics from Pacific Ag Survey, per their December 2018 report. When extrapolated out, the projected crop size is 118,081,170 pounds or 59,040.585 tons. The following table details these calculations: