Chinese Ambassador Wang assures Oregon hazelnut farmers of rising Chinese demand

HUBBARD, Ore. – At Northwest Hazelnut Company’s annual breakfast and seminar for Oregon Hazelnut farmers in Salem earlier this month, Larry George and Shaun George of Northwest Hazelnut Company presented Chinese Consul General Wang Donghua (Ambassador Wang) with a $5,000 check to support the Tianjin Red Cross’ efforts battling COVID-19, the disease cause by the new coronavirus. Tianjin is Oregon’s sister relation in China and enjoys active cultural exchanges and trading relations with Portland. For instance, U.S. car exports, such as Ford, go through the ports of Portland and Tianjin.

Ambassador Wang addressed the meeting of more than 220 farmers. “We are grateful for the generous donation to China’s efforts to fight against the virus and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you, Larry George, for the kind donation which is a symbol of international solidarity, and a symbol of profound friendship between China and the United States, and especially between Oregon and China,” he commented.

Ambassador Wang also assured farmers about his nation’s appetite for Oregon hazelnuts. “The hazelnuts produced in this state — or by you — are a very good product that Chinese people want,” he said. “We have a very good market in China … As people’s standard of living is improving, the demand for quality products, like hazelnuts, is getting greater and greater.”

Oregon China Council president Jin Lan helped facilitate the ambassador’s visit as part of the Oregon Fujian Sister State Association (OFSSA). On the day before the hazelnut farmers breakfast, Larry George, a former state senator, arranged a meeting for Ambassador Wang and accompanying Chinese officials with Gov. Kate Brown to discuss expanding agricultural trade with Oregon under President Trump’s new Phase 1 Trade Agreement with China. The Governor specifically mentioned hazelnuts, wheat, cranberries, and Pinot Noir wine as some of the top agricultural commodities that Oregon sends to China. Ambassador Wang and his staff also toured the Capital and visited with Senate Majority Leader Ginny Burdick.

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