Chinese Consul General Forecasts Rising Demand for Oregon’s Large Inshell Hazelnuts

Ambassador Wang addressed more than 200 Oregon hazelnut growers February 25, in Salem, Ore., forecasting growing Chinese demand for in-shell hazelnuts, a holiday favorite among Chinese families.

[Photo: Northwest Hazelnut Company]

HUBBARD, Ore. (March 2, 2020) – Northwest Hazelnut Company and George Packing Company are leading hazelnut growers across the Willamette Valley in developing growth and marketing strategies for inshell hazelnut exports based on rising Chinese market demand. Ongoing discussions about the opportunity were the focus of a recent visit by Chinese Consul General Wang Donghua. Ambassador Wang met with more than two hundred hazelnut growers in the state Capitol earlier this month to share his assessment of the growth potential.

“The hazelnuts produced in this state are a very good product that Chinese people need,” he said. “We have a very good market in China … As people’s standard of living is improving, the demand for quality products, like hazelnuts, is getting greater and greater.”

Ambassador Wang joined one of Northwest Hazelnut Company’s annual breakfasts and seminars for Oregon Hazelnut growers, led by Larry George and Shaun George, who head the region’s largest processor and marketer of hazelnuts.

Oregon China Council president Jin Lan helped facilitate the ambassador’s visit as part of trade and friendship promotion efforts of the Oregon Fujian Sister State Association (OFSSA). As part of the official visit, Larry George, a former state senator, arranged a meeting for Ambassador Wang and accompanied Chinese officials with Gov. Kate Brown to discuss expanding agricultural trade with Oregon under the new Phase 1 Trade Agreement with China.

The Governor cited hazelnuts, wheat, cranberries, and pinot noir wine as some of the top agricultural products that Oregon sends to China. Ambassador Wang and his staff also toured the Capitol and visited with Senate Majority Leader Ginny Burdick.

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