Food Industry Newsletter


‘Tis the Season for Strong Sales

After weeks of harvesting under tough weather conditions, reports are rolling in that the Pacific Northwest had a record year, producing more than 60,000 tons of hazelnuts. The high volume of many newly released varieties has triggered a rush of orders from buyers across the country…


Sustainable and Delicious Hazelnuts Shine with Millennials

According to industry executives surveyed earlier this year, Millennials again rise to the top of target markets for hazelnuts. They cited two reasons: aside from seeing hazelnuts as new, trendy and delicious, Millennials recognize hazelnuts as a sustainably grown crop. At Northwest Hazelnut Company, which processes more than half the U.S. hazelnut crop, sustainability is a long-standing priority…

Domestic Hazelnut Supply Shooting up to Meet U.S. Consumer Demand

As new hazelnut products – from spreads, to snack mixes, to ice creams – pour into the market, U.S. food makers are emulating the successes, and wondering about supply-side implications. The good news is (literally) growing. By 2024, Oregon hazelnut orchards will nearly triple in size. That will assure a reliable, high-quality domestic supply in the future, even for large-volume buyers. That’s good timing, too, as American consumers are expressing a clear preference for U.S.-grown, sustainable ingredients…




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